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Portfolio Services

Braid Theory's one-on-one consulting programs catalyze entrepreneurs to commercialize their technologies
From industrial and corporate partnerships such as demos, trials, and pilot projects, to purchases or integration with existing solutions, Braid Theory connects entrepreneurs to the marketplace. Aligned with Braid Theory's Accelerator programming, we assist companies through a process that keeps a startup and the entrepreneurial team validated and relevant to customers, while proving out capacity building, scaling, deployment and traction, maintaining market readiness and ensuring a pathway to growth, even up to a company exit. Braid Theory's support covers the following areas:

Pilot Projects

Braid Theory assists entrepreneurs with sourcing, strategizing and securing pilot projects. Funded pilot project opportunitites include the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Technology Advancement Program and the Port of San Diego Blue Economy Incubator.

Portfolio Clients

For portfolio clients, Braid Theory works one-on-one to help startups commercialize their technology. For scaleups, we focus more on developing strategic partnerships and pioneering business development services.

Grant Proposals

Braid Theory helps clients develop RFPs, grants, and proposals integrating a powerful blend of deep domain experience, technical knowledge, understanding of purpose, and compelling storytelling.

Advisory Services

Braid Theory works with startups to analyze their business model and build a compelling pitch, whether preparing for an investor or a business competition. Custom consulting support also includes business strategy, market research, business model analysis, and more.