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Growing Blue Economy Entrepreneurs

Braid Theory’s pre-accelerator, accelerator and venture studio programs target blue economy entrepreneurs

Braid Theory offers a variety of programming, aiming to capture the most promising solutions across all areas of the blue economy innovation ecosystem and enabling technologies.

Our programs follow a curriculum-based instructional and milestone approach, offering an additional 6 months of support post-program. Startups receive access to Braid Theory's unique waterfront facility with coworking areas, lab space, test-beds, and platforms for ocean observing and robotics. Founders work with a team of advisors, instructors, and market partners to accelerate business growth on a path to commercialization and acceleration. Funding opportunities are available through the MOANA network, seed and venture capital partners, and undiluted capital sources including grants.



What is the application deadline for the programs?

The applications open for Celsius and LA Blue on December 18, 2023 through January 26, 2024. Zero Emission Venture Studio and Springboard Innovation Studio applications are open year-round.

When do the programs begin?

The onboarding for Celsius and LA Blue programs start the week of February 19, 2024.

What is a warrant?
A warrant is an agreement between two parties that gives one party the right and privilege to buy the other party’s stock at a set price, over a specified period of time. They typically don’t entitle the warrant holder to dividends or voting rights. The bottom line is that we are entitled to a small piece of your company because we helped and believed in you and offered you facilities, guidance, experience, network, etc.
Why do we request a warrant?

Our programs give the startup the business acumen to run a profitable and scalable business. Startups are able to utilize our facilities, network connections, and perks without any financial cost to them. Startups normally sign a warrant with the accelerator in exchange for the benefits they receive. We don’t have a fund (in the works, stay tuned!) so, like many other accelerators, we ask for a warrant rather than straight equity or fee. Without a liquidity event, the warrant may not convert in the upcoming years. This incentivizes us to continually work on your behalf and make sure you succeed.


Every warrant comes with a term, which is usually between 2 and 10 years. The expiration date, which marks the end of the term, is the date at which the warrant holder can no longer exercise the warrant. 

In lieu of shares, Braid Theory asks for 2-3% with a warrant that expires in 3-5 years if there is no liquidity event.

Are the teams required to move to Los Angeles?

We love LA (and our favorite neighborhood, San Pedro) and we think you will too! However, it's not a requirement for you to move here to be in our programs. For Celsius and LA Blue, you must have the intent to build and grow your business here in LA and a great way to do that is through getting customers. We'll help you with that. For the venture studios, you will be required to be onsite as necessary to perform the pilot project. All workshops for both programs will be presented virtually.